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  • Complete the vehicle finder form.
  • We do a nationwide search for the cars you choose
  • We send you a link to view the cars that match your criteria (this includes all details of the cars including pictures and video)
  • You let us know what cars you like
  • We review the cars you have chosen and give our professional opinion
  • You confirm the car you want us to bid on
  • We bid on the car for you
  • When your bid is accepted, the car is ready to ship
  • We prepare paperwork and arrange shipping to your destination


  • Login to the auction portal
  • Search the inventory of cars for your desired vehicle
  • Identify the vehicle you would like to bid on
  • Send us the VIN number to VIN@exverraauto (do not send screenshot)
  • Tell us your maximum bid amount [this is the maximum amount you are willing to bid for the car. We will not bid higher than your max bid amount].