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Accordion Sam An Auto Broker is a licensed dealer who works directly with retail customers to find and purchase automobiles based on their criteria. The main difference between an Auto Brokerage and a traditional auto dealership is that the Auto Broker typically does not keep inventory, they acquire automobiles based on request and charge a set fee for their service; the dealership purchases cars he thinks the customer will buy and makes a profit by marking up the price.
Accordion SAn Auto Broker can save you time and money and get you exactly the car you want.
Working with an Auto broker takes out the time-consuming hassle of going from dealership to dealership hoping to find the exact car that matches your criteria and at a fair price.
The Auto Broker buys cars at wholesale prices from sources not available to the general public and sells it directly to you, bypassing all the activities that increase the overhead and add to the final cost.
We buy whatever car you want from, Ford to a Ferrari. If you want it, we will get it for you.
Simple, just have an idea of the car you want and your price range, and we will go to work for you.
Step 1 - Tell us what you're looking for! If you need help just let us know. https://exverraauto.com/vehicle-finder step 2 - Let us know your budget and how you plan to pay. You have all options cash, financing through Exverra Auto or from third party such as your bank or credit union. step 3 - Approve the purchase and once your car is ready sign and drive!
Yes, we offer several options for your purchase, we take cash, we can arrange financing https://exverraauto.com/credit or we will work your bank and credit union.
There are several options, you may pick up your vehicle at our offices or we can ship the vehicle to you anywhere in the world.
Savings vary but you can expect significant savings compared to traditional dealerships. We purchase cars at the same places as the large dealerships but have much lower overhead. Typically, a normal dealership will mark-up their vehicles anywhere from 30-50%. Compare this to our fee of 10% of the value with a fee cap of $1,400.
Our fee is 10% of the cost with a maximum dollar value $1,400, this covers our work including research, sourcing work and other administrative efforts.
We acquire vehicles from multiple sources, most are only open to licensed dealers; this includes wholesale dealer auctions, surplus inventory liquidators, leasing and finance companies to name a few.
Consumers are now buy everything from mattress to homes online, the fact is buying a car this way is less stress than the traditional way of going from dealership to dealership hoping they have the car you want for the price you can pay. Our goal is to create a better way for you to buy a car by putting you in control. We do this by providing a no-pressure and transparent way, you tell us the car you want, and we go to work for you, from research, to finance to sourcing we do it all and get you exactly what you want. It is time to enjoy buying a car without the hassle of dealership and car lot haggling with high-pressure salespeople.
The cars we purchase on behalf of our customers are well researched and chosen based on the best available historical data, they are further inspected by experienced professionals. The data is made available to our customers to help them with their buying decision.
Our offices are located in the city of Peachtree Corners which is close to Atlanta, GA